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    First, I hope you all have a happy holiday. Second, the Christmas competition is another build competition with some slight adjustments.
    For this competition, teams of up to 4 players may enter the competition (however you may also enter alone).
    We want to encourage teamwork this holiday season, so we will be rewarding those who work together. This does not mean those entering solo cannot win.
    Theme: Christmas / Holiday build
    Deadline: February 7th (FINAL EXTENSION), 2018 at 6AM GMT

    • Mini mods may enter this competition (doing so will disallow them from voting for winners)
    • Builds must follow server rules
    • One build per person (that is to say you may only be a part of one team)
    • Help from a player outside your team will result in disqualification, and no participation bonus. (Feedback and suggestions from others IS allowed)
    • Teams may have no more than four players each
    • 1 player will have a size limit of 50x50, 2 players will have a size limit of 75x75, 3 players will have a size limit of 100x100, and 4 players may build in a space of up to 125x125.
    First Place: $50,000 in game money (to share among the team) + Christmas Trail 2017 + Dalek's Special Surprise
    Second Place: $25,000 (to share among the team) + Christmas Trail 2017
    Third Place: $10,000 (to share among the team) + Christmas Trail 2017
    Fourth and Fifth Place: $7,500 (to share among the team)
    General Participation: $1,000 (to share among the team)
    *All prizes are given in the form of in-game cash

    Staff Awards / Bonuses:
    Andy's Award: Submission with the best cottage / cozy home will receive $10,000
    Dalek's Award: Submission with the best terrain will receive $10,000
    Tecs's Award: Submission with the best detail will receive $10,000
    Player Count Bonuses: For however many players there are in your team, you will receive an extra $2,500 to share among the team (for 1st-3rd places). (e.g. 4 players in 1st place will receive $60,000 instead of $50,000 to share).

    Judges will rate builds with up to 30 potential points.
    • 10 pts. for Quality: how good is your build?
    • 10 pts. for Effort: how hard did you work on it, are you capable of better?
    • 10 pts. for Teamwork: how well did you work with your group, did one person do all of the work? Note that players building alone will be judged out of 10 points for quality and 15 points for effort (working with a team is encouraged)
    Best of luck to all entrants!

    How to enter

    Enter With /dec17
    For example, if I was entering with Tec, Andy and Ciri;
    /dec17 DalekCaan2 Tecminer Andyrew202 Cirielderblood_
    Abuse of the command will result in a ban
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